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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Max Sioch
Passed in his own car
Many congratulations to Max for sticking to it after a very unlucky incident on his first driving test he knuckled down and practiced with his parents. He says: Hey Phil, I've managed to pass my driving test today with 5 minors!! Thank you so much for helping me to learn how to drive and operate a car. Your lessons have helped me improve and better myself.

Felix ClemsonFelix Clemson
Many congratulations to Felix for smashing his test this week with only two driver faults. Nerves can destroy a test in seconds so I am really pleased that you not only held them steady but knocked it out of the park. It was always a pleasure to teach you and I know you were going through some difficult things in your life. So well done and many congratulations.

Stuart CraigStuart Craig
Passed 1st ime
Thanks Phil for getting me through my test first time. Them nearly two years have been emotional with lots going on in my life but you made me a winner and not to quit. I knew from that first phone call I wanted you to be my instructor as you really seemed to care about what **** I had been through in my life. I really appreciate everything you have done and also thank Gaile for getting me to look in my mirrors more. Take care Phil and stay in touch.

Ben WattsBen Watts
Thank you for getting me through my test first time. I enjoyed all the lessons we had. You gave me all the confidence I needed right from the very start. Will 100% recommend you to anyone. All the very best for the future.

Reece GoughReece Gough
Third of three brothers I taught
Thank you Phil for all your help. You are the best.... kind and funny. Look after yourself.

Tom DeweyTom Dewey
I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help, support and tuition. I have enjoyed the whole experience from the first lesson to the last and I am so grateful for your help in passing my test. I shall miss our lessons and chats and being told off lol. I will recommend you to anyone looking for driving lessons and I'll be in touch soon to arrange a PassPlus course. Thank you once again Phil and all the best.

Liam VermontLiam Vermont
Passed 1st time
Thank you ever so much Phil. It's been a joy learning with you.

Ela RejmusEla Rejmus
Thank you for helping me pass my test. A great instructor and very patient. Would definitely recommend.

Chloe BowlesChloe Bowles
Passed 1st time (with me!)
'Phil has been absolutely vital to passing my test. After changing instructors, Phil quickly pointed out any bad habits and corrected them efficiently and professionally. I always felt at ease, and in just nine hours of lessons with him, the quality of my driving had dramatically improved. Not only did I learn to pass the test; I also gained an invaluable insight into driving sensibly and key information on how the car actually functioned internally so I could drive the car to its full potential. I would highly recommend Phil to anyone on the basis of his honesty, optimism and his passion for helping learners to overcome any issues they may have in order to be a more confident and safe driver'.

Charlie RobertsCharlie Roberts
Came from another instructor.
Message from Charlie's mother, Rachel; 'Fantastic news. I am so pleased and relieved. Thanks so much for all your patience and perseverance with Charlie...great job Phil. Thanks, thanks and thanks again. I am so happy and also good news to hear he is a better driver too x. I will recommend you wherever I can x'.

Amy Mansell
Congratulations to Amy for a good drive and passing her driving test. It was always a pleasure to teach you. Never met anyone who thought 9am was an early start before but we got round it and you smashed it! A great, safe little driver. Best of luck and I look forward to passing you in your car.

Hina NoonHina Noon
''Phil is the most amazing and friendly instructor. I am glad I went to him as he goes an extra mile to help his students. I would never have passed without his help and cannot thank him enough! I have learned so much from him and gained a lot of confidence on the road....I would highly recommend LDC and Phil as an instructor''. Thank you Hina. You were so nervous at the start but it was rewarding to watch your confidence grow steadily.

Millie CostiganMillie Costigan
'I just wanted to say a massive 'thank you' to you for getting through my driving test. After my first driving instructor couldn't follow through to my driving test (due to ill health)... you taught me so much more and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for all your help and I'll see you around when I'm driving. P.S. If there is anyone out there looking for a driving instructor then this is the man to book!!' Aww, thanks Millie. I loved our lessons as you were so interested in learning more skills and always smiled. x

Robin ToddRobin Todd
Passed 1st Time
Thank you so much for your guidance over the years. I started out so nervous getting behind the wheel and now I don't want to leave it. Driving lessons with you have always been fun. You taught me so much in our short six years together haha! But I am confident because of you and I'll be a safe driver for life. Thank you very much Phil. 'Thanks Robin. I always enjoyed our lessons too. Once you got your own car the change was immense and we just laughed all thru the lessons'.

Cashell SherwoodCashell Sherwood
Phil gave me the confidence and reassurance to drive to the best of my ability, setting challenges I'd face in the real world. It all helped so much. Such a kind man which makes you feel at ease when driving :) Would highly recommend.

Aww, thanks Cashell. I enjoyed our lessons and I loved that when I pushed the difficulty you weren't phased by it. x

Emily NadenEmily Naden
1st time pass
A massive thank you to Phil. I enjoyed every lesson with him. He gave me the confidence I needed to go and pass my test. Would 100% recommend.

Jodie DeanJodie Dean
Congratulations on a great test.
All I can say is Phil is the man you need to help you pass your test. He taught me how to enjoy and relax while driving and don't let the nerves get the better of you......Phil was absolutely brilliant, patient and explained in detail all the rules and driving techniques I needed to know. He is very kind and easy to get on with, which in my eyes is what you need. Not only was he my instructor but he became my friend and I always looked forward to my lessons. I honestly couldn't thank you enough for everything and getting me where I am now. I'm very grateful...defo will be recommending you xx.

Andrew HiggsAndrew Higgs
Congratulations Andy and well done on your Pass Plus course.
It's been a pleasure to learn with Phil. Since day 1 he has been very clear and nice to learn with. Thank you for helping me pass... an amazing instructor.

William Digby-BakerWilliam Digby-Baker
Passed 1st time
Will's mother, Sarah, said... ''3 of our children have had driving lessons with Phil and all were successful within a reasonable number of lesson hours; the last (Will) passing first time after an intensive week of lessons with Phil. Although we didn't live in his patch, Phil was always happy to literally go the extra miles to pick them up and drop them off. Thanks Phil''.

Ben KempsterBen Kempster
Phil is a brilliant instructor. I would not have passed my test without his patience, reassurance and enthusiasm. His approach to teaching suited my nervous attitude towards driving and he made me a confident driver very quickly. I would highly recommend him for first time drivers and people who have already had experience with other instructors.

Ben CreedBen Creed
Passed 1st time
For someone who was apprehensive about learning to drive, Phil's LDC style of teaching helped me to have confidence in myself and pass my test first time. Phil was patient and gave me really clear instructions in our lessons which made them really enjoyable. Thank you for everything Phil.

Matthew HillMatthew Hill
Passed 1st Time
Thank you very much and thanks for the lessons. I couldn't have done it without you! :-)

Natasha BrayNatasha Bray
Passed 1st with me!
Hi Phil, Thank you so much for all your help with the driving! I have really enjoyed lessons with you; you explain things in such a logical way and are always so encouraging! :) I appreciate all your belief in me, it really means a lot to be able to drive and I am so happy to have passed! Yay! I would be interested in doing the Pass Plus course or just motorway lessons. Best wishes Tash xx.

Leah-Marie PenfoldLeah-Marie Penfold
Passed 1st Time
I just wanted to say thanx for all the lessons u gave me. I had a great experience and learned a lot. I'm sad to finish driving with u but happy at the same time cause I passed. Thanx for everything and for making my lessons fun :-)

Gary ScottGary Scott
Well done Gary. We had plenty of laughs, especially when you braked first time and I literally flew off my seat!

Luke GuestLuke Guest
Passed 1st time
Thank you for your help. Appreciate it.12 hours and passed with 1 minor :-) will be recommending you to a few friends. Thank you once again. Great Instructor.

Fantastic result Luke. A perfect student!!!

Waclaw BuczkowskiWaclaw Buczkowski
Passed 1st time with only 2 minor faults
Thank you Phil for all your help and patience. I will be recommending you to anyone looking to learn to drive. Thank you again.

Chris PickfordChris Pickford
Well done to Chris for passing with only 3 minor faults.
Thanks very much for your patience and great instruction. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to learn. Cheers.

Owen Miller-GlentworthOwen Miller-Glentworth
Phil was really supportive with my driving after I failed my test first time with another instructor. He really boosted my confidence and got me through next time. Thanks Phil.

Andy GoughAndy Gough
Congratulations to Andy Gough of Folkestone on passing his test.
'Phil made me feel confident in my driving ability. I had long breaks in between my learning but he would always reassure me that I had the ability to drive well. He is very patient and understanding and will break things down into small pieces so that you can fully understand what is expected of you. Even when I failed the first time he made sure that I didn't lose my confidence and made sure that what I failed in we focused on in the run up to my next test. Thank you very much to Phil at LDC will fully recommend to anyone! Thanks Andy.

Hughie CumpperHughie Cumpper
I have now been out a few times on my own and it feels good. Much more freedom. Thanks for everything. You've been a great instructor and I've enjoyed every lesson and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Joe Boucher - CanterburyJoe Boucher - Canterbury
Passed 1st time
My lessons with Phil were really enjoyable.The great thing about them was that I felt I was being taught to be a considerate and efficient driver, instead of simply running through the test material. This helped me supremely when it came to my test and I will definitely continue the attitudes I learned from the lessons as I start to drive solo.

Well done Joe for passing first time with only 3 minor faults. Superb result.

Georgia Ager - AshfordGeorgia Ager - Ashford
Passed 1st time
I can't believe I passed! Thank you so much for all your support, advice and for being such a patient instructor. Really glad you convinced me to get the DVDs. they helped out loads in the end! So pleased to be on the road at last.

Congratulations Georgia for passing first time with a clean sheet. What a fantastic result.

Simon Phillips - AshfordSimon Phillips - Ashford
Dear Phil, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your assistance in helping me pass my driving test and for your valued and excellent driving tuition over the last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of learning to drive under your tuition. Once again 'thank you' for all your hard work and patience. Kind regards, Simon.

Well done to Simon for completing a one week intensive course and passing with only 2 minor faults. We certainly covered some miles that week but didn't stop learning or laughing. Great fun but tiring!

Sam Hines - FolkestoneSam Hines - Folkestone
Thank you very much Phil for making my introduction to driving enjoyable. I feel that you were able to connect with me on a friendly basis whilst maintaining professionalism. You were very easy to talk to and explanations were clear and concise, ensuring I learnt from my mistakes. I highly recommend you as a driving instructor and thanks again!

Phil Bartlett - AshfordPhil Bartlett - Ashford
Passed first time with only 2 minors.
Cheers Phil for getting me through my driving test....would and will recommend u to anyone, sound person u can learn from and get along with top man Phil. Thanks Phil.

Well done for passing first time with only 2 minors.

Gillian Lewis from DealGillian Lewis from Deal
Congratulations to Gillian for passing with only 5 minor faults. Well done.

Ben Sedgwick - DoverBen Sedgwick - Dover
I feel you made the lessons enjoyable and learning was easy. You relaxed and let me drive and was calm when you spoke to me about mistakes I made.

Well done Ben for passing with only 2 minor faults. a great result.

Jahangir Mirzazada - CanterburyJahangir Mirzazada - Canterbury
Thank you so much Phil. I was desperate to pass before going on holiday and I did. Phil gave me lots of confidence where I needed it and taught me to drive, not to just pass, but to handle all the situations the other drivers and tricky roads may throw at you. He is fun to drive with as he has a really good humour which really helps you to relax. He also taught my brother who now drives really well. He also found time to fit in extra lessons when needed them so he was very flexible. Going to miss not having lessons with Phil anymore. Thank you again.

And from Parviz, father of Jeyhun and Jahangir
I am very happy that both my kids took lessons from Phil and passed. I can tell you they both now drive well and professionally and with care. I really recommend him to anyone who not only wants to pass, but to be able to drive safely for the rest of their life.

Elisa Elezi - CanterburyElisa Elezi - Canterbury
Congratulations to Elisa for passing her test with five driver faults. You overcame many challenges and persevered until you got there. Well done.

Jeyhun Mirzazada - CanterburyJeyhun Mirzazada - Canterbury
A great instructor! Taught me all the skills I needed to go on to drive on by myself. Works on your weaknesses and improves your confidence, judgement and decisions on the road.

Well done Jeyhun for passing with five minor faults.

Jack Cutler - MaidstoneJack Cutler - Maidstone
Phil was a very good instructor. He was very patient and never gave up on me! He was a real laugh to be with, really easy to talk to and he made it easy to learn. Phil was very good at explaining things and went further with his teaching to not only help me pass my test but to also help with everyday driving. I highly recommend Phil as a driving instructor!

Jack's mother Carol also said: My son Jack was delighted when he passed his test - we all were! Jack looked forward to his lessons and progressed very quickly feeling comfortable and relaxed under Phil's instruction. Phil was very flexible with lessons, often managing to fit Jack in at very late notice. Phil quickly built up Jack's driving confidence and knowledge which helped him to pass his test after a below average amount of lessons giving Jack his freedom behind the wheel - we never see him now!

Davd Sansum - DealDavd Sansum - Deal
Learning with Phil was a pleasure. His teaching style suited me perfectly, as did his sense of humour. I was extremely nervous when I started but with more time in the car and explanations from Phil, I got over the mental block and learned the skills I needed to pass the test first time. Thanks Phil, it has been a privilege learning with you.

You persevered through your nerves and settled down to become a very competent driver. I never give up on students who don't give up! It meant a lot to you, so it meant a lot to me to get you through. Well done.

Ayodeji Durojaye - TottenhamAyodeji Durojaye - Tottenham
Well done Deji for passing your driving test in Canterbury. A great result.

Ahsan Farooq - AshfordAhsan Farooq - Ashford
Congratulations to Ahsan for passing his test at the first attempt. Well done.

Don Greenfield - CanterburyDon Greenfield - Canterbury
I found Phil's tuition really helpful. He is good at explaining things and shares his driving experience and skills effectively. I enjoyed his lessons and he gave me essential encouragement and advice which I needed for the test.

Well done Don for passing with only three minor faults.

Ayla Whittle - AshfordAyla Whittle - Ashford
em>Well done Ayla for passing with only four minor faults.

George Dyer - AshfordGeorge Dyer - Ashford
It was a great experience learning to drive with Phil. Every lesson was insightful and enjoyable, teaching me the skills I needed to pass first time.

Luke Phillips - CanterburyLuke Phillips - Canterbury
Phil was a brilliant instructor for me. His approach to teaching me was to drive as much as possible in each lesson, so I really felt I got my money's worth. He was really patient with me and explained things in a logical and easy to understand way. Parking couldn't be simpler! Phil's also a really nice guy who you can have a laugh with so I'd recommend him to anyone. Cheers Phil.

Well done for passing with only five minor faults too!

Laura Fisher - CanterburyLaura Fisher - Canterbury
Phil's lessons not only teach you you to pass your driving test with confidence and ease, but also instill good driving practices you'll utilise every time you're behind the wheel.

Well done Laura for passing first time with only four minors.

Joshua Konyk - DoverJoshua Konyk - Dover
Thanks for your patience during my driving lessons. You made me feel at ease when driving and gave me confidence to pass my test. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with you as you explained all the mechanics of the car. The LDC dvd pack was highly useful in reinforcing what you said during our lessons. Thanks!!

Well done for passing with only four minors. I'm looking forward to our Pass Plus course soon.

Grant Pennock - DoverGrant Pennock - Dover
Thank you Philip for being such a great teacher. I could not have done it without you. Many thanks.

Well done Grant for passing first time with only two driver faults...and in only 17 hours of lessons. A really superb performance from day one.

Cassie Neudeck - FolkestoneCassie Neudeck - Folkestone
I cannot explain how thankful I am for getting through my driving test. We got on so well. My lessons were so enjoyable which helped me relax and enjoy driving. We had many laughs. If you can get me through you can get anyone through. Thanks soooooo much again. I will be recommending you xx.

Thanks Cassie. It has been emotional but the your pass was my best birthday present!! Well done again.

Harry Russell - FolkestoneHarry Russell - Folkestone
Thanks for everything Phil. You were patient with me and got me through my test first time. Well done Harry. I said you'd do it!.

Anita Palmer - FolkestoneAnita Palmer - Folkestone
Hooray I passed first time with only 2 minors. Phil was great at explaining and showing me the logic behind certain questions and has a great sense of humour. Thanks very much.Thanks for all the Tangfastics Anita.

Adele Tyrer - FolkestoneAdele Tyrer - Folkestone
Well done for passing first time with only 6 minors.
Phil was a great instructor; very easy to get on with and made me feel at ease when driving. He was very understanding and flexible and I looked forward to my lessons every week. Thanks so much Phil.

Georgie Chapman - CanterburyGeorgie Chapman - Canterbury
You taught me so much in the short time you were instructing me and my confidence grew hugely with each lesson. Thank you so much for getting me through my test. I will be recommending you to anyone looking to learn how to drive.

Tariro (Terry) Chihimbakwe - CanterburyTariro (Terry) Chihimbakwe - Canterbury
Thank you Phil for being supportive, guiding and encouraging when my confidence was low. Your use of humour relaxed me a lot. I enjoyed the lessons and appreciate what you did for me.

Well done for passing first time Terry. Every lesson was a great laugh but we got the work done on time and on budget.

Grace Bourner - DealGrace Bourner - Deal
Thank you so much for helping me pass my test; I couldn't have done it without you! You helped me to be more positive and believe that I could do it when I was convinced I couldn't!! My confidence driving has grown so much and that is all thanks to you :-).

Shannon Dunn - DealShannon Dunn - Deal
Thank you for being so patient with me and giving me the confidence to pass!

Well done Shannon for passing first time with only 6 minor faults.

Phil Meade - DymchurchPhil Meade - Dymchurch
LDC has a fantastic system to learn by. Phil is very patient and corrects all your mistakes. I recommend him to any new learner.

Congratulations Phil for passing first time with only 3 minors and only 23 hours tuition. Well done indeed!

Joshua Marden - AshfordJoshua Marden - Ashford
Well done Joshua for passing with only 3 minor faults.
Hi Phil. Thanks for getting me through my test. You were never late and were always patient with me. I also found that you explained my mistakes and the manoeuvres in such a way that they just made logical sense.... which was really useful! Thanks Phil.

Milo Harper - CanterburyMilo Harper - Canterbury
Many thanks. An excellent instructor and fun to spend time with in a car. Very glad I passed first time and I have Phil to thank for that

Well done Milo for passing first time with only 3 minor faults.

Jamie Rattray - FolkestoneJamie Rattray - Folkestone
Congratulations to Jamie for passing his test at the first attempt.

Lauren Carter - AppledoreLauren Carter - Appledore
I recommend Phil as he has taught me the techniques to perfect my manouevres and get me ready for my test and driving in the future. He also taught me how to deal with everyday driving and different conditions which helped me practice safely in my own car and cope after I'd passed. He was very calm and supportive and talked me through certain subjects which I was struggling with whilst keeping me calm and relaxed and encouraging me that I could do it.

Fiona Paterson - AshfordFiona Paterson - Ashford
Having switched from another instructor, Phil ensured that I made swift progress whilst correcting my bad habits and taking the standard beyond basic in order to make me a safer driver now that I have passed. Simple and well explained methods made the manoeuvres easy and a relaxed teaching style helped me gain confidence where it was lacking. Phil is always positive, encouraging and provides great banter along the way!. Additionally, the LDC system and books are really useful for continued learning away from the car - definitely getting your money's worth! Thank you very much Phil.

Alicia Fowler - CharingAlicia Fowler - Charing
Thank you and thanks for all your help. You've been a great instructor and I would recommend you to anyone. Alicia :-)

Congratulations to Alicia for passing first time with only four minors.

James Graham - AshfordJames Graham - Ashford
Thanks to Phil I gained the confidence and skills to drive safely and pass my test first time with only four minors. His relaxed and patient teaching methods are fantastic and I strongly recommend him to everyone. Thanks Phil and all the best.

Ruth Marlow - CanterburyRuth Marlow - Canterbury
Phil is an excellent teacher; calm and patient even if I was a bit stressed! He has a way of explaining things in a way that makes it all seem simple. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Phil

Abbi Gosling - DoverAbbi Gosling - Dover
I really enjoyed our lessons. I felt in control most of the time and when I wasn't I knew you were so I felt safe. Thank you so much Phil.

Vish Sood - AshfordVish Sood - Ashford
Thank you for all your help Phil! Your encouragement and understanding were not only a huge benefit to me as a learner, but made our lessons thoroughly enjoyable. You've been a fantastic instructor and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Dan Alder - HytheDan Alder - Hythe
Congratulations to Dan for passing first time. Well done.

Ayyaz Mehmood - SurreyAyyaz Mehmood - Surrey
Many congratulations to Ayyaz on passing in a town you do not know. Well done.

Chelsea Lenihan - New RomneyChelsea Lenihan - New Romney
Phil is an excellent instructor. He helped me gain confidence and massively improved my driving skills. His methods were easy to pick up and more importantly made me a safe driver. I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive. It was definitely the best decision to chose Phil and I am thankful for all of his time and effort.

Crosby Ndove - FolkestoneCrosby Ndove - Folkestone
I changed from another instructor to Philip at LDC because I had no confidence. Once I started with Philip my confidence came back. He made me feel comfortable and I always looked forward to my driving lessons. I passed1st time with four minors after a few lessons and I'm so overjoyed. Thanks Phil.

Aine Wright - FolkestoneAine Wright - Folkestone
Well done Aine. Fantastic result.
Phil has been a fantastic teacher and was an excellent help in getting me to a high standard within 22 hours of lessons to pass my test with only one minor. I really owe so much to Phil and his flexible and understanding teaching. Thank you!

Daddley Mapenzi - FolkestoneDaddley Mapenzi - Folkestone
Thank you for the lessons mate. Your teaching was really great and successful...you got me through the test. Thanks again.

Megan Digby-Baker - ShottendenMegan Digby-Baker - Shottenden
Thank you for helping me pass my test, win my freedom and for finally relieving my friends and family of their duty as my taxi service! Thank you :-)

Sylvia - Ashford
Thank you for your instructions and guidance for helping me pass my test with only two minors. Thank you Phil. I'm still over the moon!!!!! THANK YOU!!

Holly Lewis - Brookland
You gave me the confidence you need to pass, which other instructors hadn't given me. A professional and patient instructor, you went above and beyond the call of duty to get me through. Thank you so so much.

Damon Yates - Old Romney
Hi Phil it's Amanda, Damon's mum. I just wanted to say thank you again from me and Stuart for getting Damon through the test. I know its your job but having lessons he enjoyed with a kind, patient instructor has made all the difference to him especially when he did fail and you didn't ever make him feel like a failure. We will recommend you whenever we get the opportunity. Thank you again.

Mark Bostock - IvychurchMark Bostock - Ivychurch
Well done Mark for passing first time with only 2 minors.
Thank you for your help. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to pass their driving test. Excellent tutor.

Ricky Cater - New RomneyRicky Cater - New Romney
Cheers for all your help Phil. I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor. You made learning fun!

Johnny SinghJohnny Singh
Congratulations to Johnny Singh for passing at the first attempt with only five minors. Well done.

Simon Aubrey - DoverSimon Aubrey - Dover
Well done Simon - only 3 minors.
Thank you Phil for all your help and patience. You have been brilliant! I strongly recommend you to all, and the LDC system. I have had fun learning to drive and it has been such a great experience. Thank you again. I'll be handing your number to everyone!

Jason Moreby - AshfordJason Moreby - Ashford
Thank you Philip for your professionalism, your flexible working hours and above all your patience!

Sarah Sabek - AshfordSarah Sabek - Ashford
Phil, Thank you for your patience and help!Your advise was never wrong and although I was never good at using the book and DVDs, you were right. They did help! Thanks again Sarah.

Jerry Smith - FolkestoneJerry Smith - Folkestone
May I say what a great instructor Phil is. Very relaxed and lots of patience. I managed to pass my test after just 11 hours of lessons and only had 2 minor faults to boot, so anybody wishing to learn to drive then look no further than here. Fantastic result Jerry. Very well done. Phil

Daniel Pott - FolkestoneDaniel Pott - Folkestone
Congratulations to Daniel for passing with only five minor faults.

Josh S - Plumstead
Congratulations to Josh who stayed in Whitstable to complete a One Week Intensive Course and passed.

I highly recommend using the LDC system as it is simple and easy to follow. Phil is a great driving instructor; real easy to get along with and great at his job. Thanks Phil.

Alex Riley - DealAlex Riley - Deal
Thanks a lot Phil for all of your help over the past months, I wouldn't have been able to pass without yourself or the LDC programme. I have already recommended the scheme to a number of friends. Best of luck in the near future :)

Geoff Mallett - LenhamGeoff Mallett - Lenham
Congratulations Geoff. What a great first car. Have fun in it.

Sarah Heselden - AshfordSarah Heselden - Ashford
Congratulations on passing with only two minor faults. Fantastic result. Well done.

Richard Ward - FolkestoneRichard Ward - Folkestone
Congratulations Richard on passing at the second attempt.

Daniel - FolkestoneDaniel - Folkestone
Over the short time I was with you I thought your teaching style was informative, easy-going and relaxing. You fixed bugs and nit picks out of my driving, you've helped me pick up tricks so I can be a better driver. An excellent driving instructor and I would recommend you to others.

Olly Digby-BakerOlly Digby-Baker
I found that using the LDC system made learning to drive a lot easier. I think that without the DVDs and the workbook it would have taken me twice as long to pass my test. Thanks to Phil's support when I failed my first test I found it easy to put it aside and try again.

Jodie BeanJodie Bean
Congratulations for passing with three minors to Jodie from Ashfod.

Robert from FolkestoneRobert from Folkestone
Learning with Philip was a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Best instructor I could ever recommend. Shame you only ever have to pass once! Thanks Phil

Congratulations to Amy from New Romney on passing her test.

Phil was absolutely brilliant, patient and explained in detail all the rules and driving techniques needed to be able to pass the driving test with flying colors.

He is very cool and approachable. He also had a professional attitude towards work. I will definitely recommend Phil for those who would like to pass their driving test.

Ben PageBen Page
Since being your student I have learned a lot. It seemed such a short time since we knew each other. I am glad you were my instructor. If anyone has Phil as their instructor in the future you are very lucky. Goodluck to you and your students in the future. Thanks Ben.